Do you know? 

Ø New vehicles with type approval starting from 01/01/2011 may only be filled with the new refrigerant R-1234YF.

Ø New vehicles with type approval before 31/12/2010 will continue to be filled with the R134a refrigerant until 31/12/2016. As from 01/01/2017, all new vehicles must be filled with the more environmentally friendly refrigerant


Ø However existing A/C systems for the R134a refrigerant undergoing repair have to continue to be filled with R134a even after this date.

So you need two A/C machines now.

Hongtech has new GEA02PRO and GEAN2PRO which is both available for R134A and R1234YF. In order to promote the new machines, the price will keep the same with old model GEA02PRO and GEAN2PRO in February and March.


Please check more information on our production description.